Educational Assistance

Capital One's Educational Assistance program offers you an annual budget to use for course-specific tuition, required books and eligible course-specific fees at regionally and nationally accredited institutions. Depending upon your field of study and meeting eligibility requirements, you may be reimbursed through the Educational Assistance Program. Full-time and part-time associates are eligible on their date of hire for reimbursement for courses starting on or after their hire date.

  • For eligible full-time and part-time associates, the Educational Assistance Program provides up to a $5,250 per year allowance (or budget) for course specific tuition, required books and eligible course specific fees.

  • Through the program, associates are eligible for tuition discounts at over 200 selected schools and programs through the Bright Horizons EdAssist SolutionsTM Education Network. Even if you don’t qualify for Educational Assistance, you can still receive discounts at participating schools.

  • Associates must receive a grade of "C" or better (Undergraduate), a grade of "B" or better (Graduate), or "Pass" if a class only allows a "Pass/Fail" grading option.

Visit Pulse for full details and eligibility requirements of the various Educational Assistance programs.