Take Action

When you're ready, follow the steps below for a quick and easy enrollment in your benefits.

  • Go to the Capital One online enrollment system. If you are accessing the site from a Capital One computer, you’ll automatically be logged in through SSO. Otherwise, you’ll need your current user name and password to sign in.

  • If you’re a new associate or don’t already have access, just follow the prompts to register as a New User. Watch the Welcome Tour video and set up your personal profile.

  • Click Get Started in the upper left on the Home page to enroll.

  • Click the Choose Benefits tab at the top of the page.

  • To enroll or make a change to your benefits, click the links for Medical, Dental, Vision, Spending Accounts, Life and Disability under the Choose Benefits tab or use the Previous and Next buttons to progress through each benefit. The What To Do Here box will be present on each benefit enrollment page to prompt you on what to do and/or provide links to additional information.

  • Your cart will begin with default coverage. As you make your benefit selections or changes, your choice will be added to your cart. You can click the Your Cart tab at any time to review your selections.

  • After you made all your choices you will need to Review Your Cart.

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page to see your Cost of Benefits. From there you can make changes, if you need to, or click Check Out to finish your enrollment. You must accept the Terms and Conditions from the Check Out process to submit your enrollment.

  • Once you have checked out, you will see a confirmation screen and you can print this screen and save it for your records.