New Hires and Associates with Life Events

New Hires
Welcome to Capital One (or welcome back)! Here’s what you need to do to enroll in your benefits:

  • Leam about your 2021 benefits.
  • Be on the lookout for an email from Capital One with enrollment information.
  • Enroll for 2021 benefits within 31 days of hire.
  • Learn about your 2021 benefits.
  • Enroll in your 2021 benefits within 31 days of hire.

Associates with Life Events
If you experience a qualifiying life event (QLE) which is a qualifying change in your family or employment status such as marriage, birth of a child, adoption, change in hours and more, you may adjust specific parts of your benefits coverage. Here's what you need to do to enroll.

  • You will need to make changes to your 2021 benefits on the Capital One online enrollment system.
  • Remember you must make your benefit changes within 31 days of the event (60 days after birth, adoption of a child or loss or gain of eligibility or a state/federal insurance program such as Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)).