Preventive Care at No Cost to You

All preventive care is covered at 100%, regardless of age or restrictions, based on AMA guidelines. Annual vision exams, immunizations and nutritional counseling
Associates and their dependents may get preventive care screenings at any age, and at their desired intervals, with no out-of-pocket cost. Routine hearing exams
Routine physicals Certain female contraception
Well-child exams Breastfeeding support
Routine annual OB-GYN exams and Pap tests and mammograms Coverage for aspirin, certain supplements
Routine PSA and DRE screenings Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield ID cards include the $0 co-pay provision for preventive care to help remind you and your doctor.
Colonoscopies (in some cases a consultation with a specialist is required and a co-pay will apply) Remember
  • You should only use your visit for preventive care. If you ask your doctor to treat you for something that is not considered preventive, you may be subject to the applicable co-pay.
  • Make sure your doctor codes all eligible claims as preventive care in order to be eligible for the 100% coverage.
  • This includes both a Preventive Procedure Code (a five digit code that identifies the type of procedure) and the Preventive Diagnosis Code (a three- to five-digit code that identifies the reason the service is being performed).