Capital One offers a variety of time off benefits to help you balance your work and personal time.

Your time-off benefits depend on your employment status:

  • Non-exempt associates: Paid Time-Off (PTO)
  • Exempt associates: Vacation, Sick, and Family Care Days
Important information about your time off benefits
  • If you work less than 40 standard hours, the PTO/vacation allotments shown above are prorated based on your standard hours as maintained in Workday.
  • You may use PTO/vacation time and floating holidays immediately after your start date. As permitted by state and local law, certain departments or lines of business (LOBs) may have attendance guidelines or other standards that restrict associates from taking PTO as vacation or other reasons during the first 30 days or more to support training needs. Please talk to your manager if you plan on taking time off as a new hire.
  • Paid holidays are equal to 8 hours per day for full-time associates and 4 hours per day for part-time associates.
  • All full-time and part-time associates are eligible for up to one week of Bereavement Leave (based on their standard hours as maintained in Workday) each calendar year in the event of the death of a family member, relative or someone you consider family.
  • Unused purchased PTO/vacation may not be carried over into another calendar year – and you must use earned PTO/vacation before purchased time.*

*Some states may differ in the treatment of Purchased PTO.

Purchasing additional PTO/vacation

Associates may only purchase additional vacation/PTO during Open Enrollment. You must actively enroll in Purchased Time Off each year and these benefits do not automatically carry over from one year to the next. You have three options for this program, which allows you to purchase up to 40 hours of vacation/PTO time for the coming year, regardless of your standard hours:

  • Waive your option to purchase additional vacation/PTO,
  • Purchase 20 hours of additional vacation/PTO, or
  • Purchase 40 hours of additional vacation/PTO.

Associates with at least 20 standard hours per week may purchase additional time off. New hires/rehires are not eligible to purchase additional time off in their calendar year of hire/rehire.

Standard hours

Benefits eligibility is determined based on the amount of standard hours you work per week. Standard hours are the number of hours associates are scheduled to work per week, as maintained in Workday. Standard hours may not be reflective of actual hours worked in a given week.



All eligible full- and part-time associates receive a total of 14 paid holidays – 12 fixed holidays plus 2 floating holidays:

New Year's Day Labor Day
Martin Luther King Jr. Day Indigenous Peoples' Day
Presidents Day Veterans Day
Memorial Day Thanksgiving Day
Juneteenth Day after Thanksgiving
Independence Day Christmas Day

Non-Exempt (PTO)

PTO provides a “bank” of time for associates to use at their discretion, such as for a vacation, illness or other time-off needs. Full-time non-exempt associates working 40 standard hours a week are granted PTO based on calendar years of service.

  • In your first calendar year of service (year 0), your PTO is based on a prorated portion of a 15 day PTO allotment using date of hire
  • After the year in which you were hired, you receive 20 PTO days annually (calendar years 1-4)
  • Upon completing four full-calendar years, you receive 25 PTO days annually (calendar years 5-9)
  • Upon completing nine full-calendar years, you receive 30 PTO days annually (calendar years 10+)

Exempt (Vacation)

  • Full-time associates working 40 standard hours a week are granted vacation based on calendar years of service.
    • In your first calendar year of service (year 0), your vacation is based on a prorated portion of a 10 day vacation allotment using date of hire
    • After the year in which you were hired, you receive 15 vacation days annually (calendar years 1-4)
    • ​Upon completing four full-calendar years, you receive 20 vacation days annually (calendar years 5+)
  • ​Part-time associates receive proportional vacation time based on their hours.
  • Exempt associates are granted paid sick time on an as-needed basis.
  • Additionally, three Family Care Days are granted annually for you to take care of family members.​

Other Leaves

Associates can take advantage of many other types of leave, including State Leaves, Bereavement Leave, Jury Duty, and Voting Leave, to name a few. Go to Pulse and find the Take Time Away page to learn about the many other types of leave Capital One offers to its associates.

See Pulse for more details about Capital One’s time-off programs. Note: associates in certain locations may be covered under separate time off policies as required by state or local law.