To ensure protection for your loved ones, we provide full-time and eligible part-time Associates with Basic Life, and Accidental Death and Personal Loss (AD&PL) Insurance at no cost, with the option to purchase additional Life and AD&PL Insurance, as well as supplemental coverage for your dependents.

If you are on leave

Generally, if you are out on any type of leave, including FMLA, on the day your Basic Life, Supplemental Life, Dependent Life or Associate and Dependent AD&PL coverage (or any change in coverage) is scheduled to take effect, the coverage (or change in coverage) does not take effect until you have been back at work for one full day.


Basic Life and AD&PL Insurance

Basic Life coverage is equal to 1 times your Annual Benefits Salary, rounded to the next $1,000 if not already a multiple of $1,000, up to a maximum of $500,000. If you have an accident, you may be eligible for a one-time payout under the AD&PL line of coverage (see table below). AD&PL is a separate line of coverage and is equal to the Basic Life coverage amount. Both are provided to you at no charge.

For VP+ executives, your Executive Life Insurance Program (ELIP) is calculated separately. Note: If you are covered under the Executive Bonus Insurance Plan (EBIP), your coverage follows that of all non-executives (1 times your Annual Benefits Salary).

For Loss of You receive this percentage of your Annual Benefits Salary
Life 100%
Both Hands or Both Feet or Sight of Both Eyes 100%
One Hand and One Foot 100%
Speech and Hearing in Both Ears 100%
Either Hand or Foot and Sight of One Eye 100%
Movement of Both Upper and Lower Limbs 100%
Movement of Both Lower Limbs 100%
Movement of Three Limbs 100%
Movement of the Upper and Lower Limbs of One Side of the Body 100%
Either Hand or Foot 50%
Sight of One Eye 50%
Speech or Hearing in Both Ears 50%
Movement of One Limb 25%
Thumb and Index Finger of Either Hand 25%
Third Degree Burn (75% or more of your body) 100%
Third Degree Burn (50%–74% more of your body) 50%
Designate an insurance beneficiary

Your beneficiary is the person who will receive your Associate insurance benefits upon your death. If you wish, you can name more than one beneficiary. To designate or update your beneficiary(ies), go to the Capital One Benefits Center website. Look for the link labeled “Update your beneficiary” from the home page.

You are always the beneficiary for dependent life insurance.


Supplemental Life and AD&PL Insurance

Supplemental Insurance is a voluntary benefit offered in addition to the basic coverage that the company automatically provides. With Supplemental Insurance, you can buy, with post-tax dollars, additional life insurance for yourself up to 8 times your Annual Benefits Salary. Included in Supplemental Insurance is a separate line of coverage for AD&PL equal to the Supplemental Life coverage amount. That means you can have coverage up to 9 times your Annual Benefits Salary or $2 million, whichever is less. The minimum coverage amount is $5,000. The maximum coverage amount is calculated separately for life and AD&PL. The Guaranteed Issue (GI) amount is based on your Supplemental Insurance, so you will need to submit Evidence of Insurability (EOI) when you elect Supplemental Life coverage over $1 million.

For those enrolled in the ELIP, you can purchase Supplemental Life Insurance for up to 8 times your Annual Benefits Salary. Combined with ELIP, your Life Insurance coverage can be up to $2 million.

If you are on any type of leave (including FMLA) as of January 1, 2022, any change made to your Supplemental/Dependent Life and AD&PL insurance coverage during Open Enrollment, including increases to your Annual Benefits Salary, will not go into effect until you actively return to work in 2022.


Dependent Life and AD&PL Insurance

You may purchase Dependent Life and AD&PL Insurance for your spouse or domestic partner and your dependent children up to age 26. Dependents in active, full-time military service are not eligible for Dependent Life coverage.

Payments will be made to you in the event of a dependent’s death. If you are not living at the time of payment, it will be made to the executors or administrators of your estate.

Your choices for Dependent Life and AD&PL coverage for your family are:

  • $25,000 - $250,000 spouse or domestic partner; coverage must be in multiples of $25,000
  • $10,000 or $20,000 child only

Evidence of Insurability

Some situations require Evidence of Insurability (EOI), or proof of good health, for Supplemental Life/AD&PL coverage and spousal/domestic partner life.

The chart below contains some examples of when EOI is and is not required.

EOI Required EOI Not Required
As a New Hire
  • Supplemental Insurance over $1 million
  • Spouse/Domestic Partner Insurance over $50,000
  • Supplemental Insurance less than or equal to $1 million
  • Spouse/Domestic Partner Insurance less than or equal to $50,000
During Open Enrollment or If You Experience a Qualified Life Event (QLE)
  • Supplemental Insurance over $1 million
  • If no coverage is in place, electing Supplemental Insurance greater than 1x Annual Benefits Salary
  • If coverage is already in place, increasing Supplemental Insurance greater than 2x Annual Benefits Salary
  • Any new or increased Spouse/Domestic Partner Insurance coverage greater than $50,000
  • Supplemental Insurance less than or equal to $1 million
  • If no coverage is in place, electing Supplemental Insurance equal to 1x Annual Benefits Salary
  • If coverage is already in place, increasing Supplemental Insurance by 2x Annual Benefits Salary
  • Newly eligible Spouse/Domestic Partner Insurance less than or equal to $50,000​

EOI is never required for Basic Life and AD&PL insurance, child insurance, and coverage increases due to salary changes and promotions.

If EOI is required, the enrollment system and your confirmation statement will reflect the highest level of coverage you are allowed without EOI rather than your actual election. The Hartford will review the EOI, and if the higher level of coverage is approved, your election will be updated at that time.