The Capital One 401(k) Associate Savings Plan is a convenient, tax-effective way to help save for retirement.


Associate Contributions

Through automatic payroll deductions, you may contribute up to 50% of your Annual Benefits Salary (base salary, shift differential, bonuses, commission, incentives and overtime) to your account. You may contribute any combination of pre-tax and Roth 401(k) contributions up to the annual Internal Revenue Service (IRS) dollar limit of $23,000 in 2024. If you are age 50 or older in 2024, you may contribute an additional $7,500 in catch-up contributions. This amount is often indexed on an annual basis for inflation. For the most up-to-date limits, visit the IRS web site.

You may roll over pre-tax, post-tax, or Roth 401(k) assets from another qualified retirement plan into your account.


Company Contributions

In addition to your contributions, Capital One helps grow your retirement savings by contributing to your 401(k) Plan account:

  • Basic Non-Elective Company Contributions — Capital One will contribute 3% of your Annual Benefits Salary, whether or not you participate in the 401(k) Plan.
  • Matching Contributions — Capital One will match 100% of the first 3% of Annual Benefits Salary that you contribute, plus 50% of the next 3% of Annual Benefits Salary that you contribute, for a total company matching contribution of 4.5% on 6% of Annual Benefits Salary.
Don’t leave money on the table

To maximize the company matching contribution, simply contribute at least 6% of your Annual Benefits Salary (base salary, shift differential, bonuses, commission, incentives, and overtime) to your 401(k) Plan account. Capital One will then contribute a total of 7.5% of your Annual Benefits Salary to your account. You will be contributing just 6%, but your account has the potential to grow as though you are contributing 13.5%!

See how an associate can maximize the company match just by deferring 6% ($3,000) in the example below.

AN EXAMPLE: An associate earning $50,000 ($45,000 in base salary and $5,000 in annual bonus) and currently contributing 6% of their Annual Benefits Salary to the 401(k) Plan.
Associate Elective Contribution (6% of eligible compensation) $3,000
3% Basic Non-Elective Company Contribution (3% of eligible compensation, regardless of whether or not you participate) $1,500
Company Matching Contribution (100% of the first 3% you contribute plus 50% of the next 3% you contribute) $2,250
Total Annual Contributions to the 401(k) Plan $6,750

Vesting Schedule

Your account balance within the 401(k) Plan is yours once you are vested. You are immediately vested in your contributions as well as your basic non-elective company contributions. Matching contributions vest upon two years of service with Capital One. This means that all of the amounts contributed to your 401(k) Plan account—as well as any investment earnings—are entirely yours after just two years of employment.



You will receive an enrollment kit approximately one week after you start with Capital One, but you are eligible to enroll in the 401(k) Plan immediately. (You may need to wait up to a week after your hire date in order to enroll.)

Your associate elective contributions (through payroll deduction) and matching company contributions will begin within two pay cycles following your enrollment, or as soon as administratively possible after you enroll. Please review the Fidelity Cut Off Schedule on the “Payroll Calendar (US)” Pulse page for more details.

The 3% Basic Non-Elective Contributions will automatically begin as soon as administratively possible after your date of hire, typically within three pay periods. If you do not elect to contribute to the 401(k) Plan, you are still eligible for the 3% basic non-elective contributions.

Automatic enrollment

If you do not enroll within 60 days of your hire date, you will be automatically enrolled at an associate elective contribution rate of 3% of your eligible pre-tax compensation. Additionally, unless you make an alternative selection, your contributions will be automatically invested in the BlackRock LifePath® Fund that best matches your expected retirement date.

The LifePath Fund will then invest your money in such a way that takes your age and retirement date into account. The investment direction will be somewhat more aggressive if you are younger and will move to a more conservative path as your expected retirement date nears.

For more information about the 401(k) Associate Savings Plan or to enroll, visit Fidelity NetBenefits® at netbenefits.com or call the Capital One Retirement Savings Center (Fidelity Investments) at 1-800-854-4015.

To learn more about the 401(k) Associate Savings Plan and the basics of retirement savings, please visit the Pulse page and watch the Get Started Saving for the Future You webinar.